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Let Our Experts Draft Your New York Separation Agreement.
Only $399.  Just Print & Sign.  Done!

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How It Works

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Our Specialists Draft
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Your Agreement

Included In Your Agreement:

Complete Separation Agreement

Your Agreement is fully drafted by
our expert matrimonial specialists.
Simply print and sign. Done!

Key Matters Addressed

Your Agreement will address important marital matters such as children, property, assets, & debt (if applicable).

Easy-To-Follow Instructions

We'll provide easy directions on

how to properly sign your

Agreement. It couldn't be simpler!

Live Support & Assistance

Our specialists are available by

phone or email to answer your

questions and assist along the way.

Here's How ezDivorce
Makes Your Life Easier:

Our matrimonial experts draft your complete agreement and our staff assist every step of the way
so you can get to the finish line quick, stress-free, and affordably.

  • Fully Completed Documents

  • Drafted By Matrimonial Experts

  • Affordable Flat-Fee

  • Easy Sign & File

  • Live Assistance & Support 

  • Outstanding Reviews

  • Expert Friendly Service 

  • Founded By Attorneys

Popular Questions

What is a Separation Agreement?

A Separation Agreement is a written agreement between two spouses that addresses rights, responsibilities, and financial divisions between both parties.

I've seen cheaper services, why should I choose ezDivorce?

We've also seen others offer documents at hard-to-believe prices. How do they do that?


What they're not telling you, is that while they may offer 'instant documents' at cheap prices, the documents are either filled in by a computer or arrive incomplete, leaving you without any guidance. Poorly-prepared documents might not reflect the specifics of your case and even worse - may not hold up in a divorce in the future.


ezDivorce, on the other hand, uses experienced matrimonial specialists who diligently draft and deliver fully-completed court-ready divorce documents. We never offer 'instant paperwork' because our paralegals spend time drafting documents specific to your case. Additionally, we offer options for quick turnarounds so you can receive your documents when you need them. We do the heavy-lifting - you print & sign!

Will I be able to use my Agreement as part of a divorce?

Absolutely. Should you decide to file for a divorce in the future, you'll be able to include your Separation Agreement as part of your divorce documents and proceedings.

Will we need to sign in front of a notary?

Yes. Documents such as Stipulations or Agreements are legal documents and must therefore be signed and notarized by both parties.


Having your documents notarized simply means signing your documents before a licensed notary public who will verify your identification and authenticate your signature on the documents being signed. You can find a notary at your local bank or post office.

Can I file my Agreement in court?

Yes. Our easy-to-follow instructions will include directions on how to easily file your Separation Agreement at your local county clerk's office. 

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Meet Our Dedicated Team

Our Customers Love ezDivorce!


Experience makes all the difference.

Our paralegals have an extensive matrimonial background and have completed thousands of Separation Agreements and divorces. With ezDivorce, you are in well-trained hands.

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ezDivorce is a matrimonial paralegal service offering affordable document preparation as an alternative to costly attorney services.

ezDivorce is not a law firm and does not staff attorneys or legal professionals. ezDivorce does not offer any legal advice or representation. 

Always consult with a licensed attorney regarding specific legal issues or concerns.

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