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New York Divorce
Made Simple.

Let Our Experts Draft Your Complete Divorce.

$499 + Court Fee. Just Sign & File. Done!

Serving All New York Counties
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How ezDivorce Works

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Our Experts Draft
Your Complete Divorce

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Here's How ezDivorce Makes Your Life Easier:

Our matrimonial experts draft your complete paperwork and our staff assist every step of the way so you can get to the finish line quick, stress-free, and affordably!

Fully Completed Divorce

No figuring out what to do. Just print and sign by following our simple instructions. It couldn't be easier.

Drafted By Our Specialists

Your divorce is custom-drafted to address the terms which you and your spouse have agreed upon.

Affordable Flat-Fee

Professionally drafted divorce
delivered to you at a fraction of the
cost of standard attorney fees.

Live Support & Assistance

Our friendly ezDivorce staff are here to assist and answer your questions. Call, email, or text. We're here for you.

Included In Your Divorce:

• Property Settlement Agreement

Your agreement will address the terms you've agreed upon with your spouse including property, assets, debt, and matters related to marital children.

• Easy-To-Follow Instructions

Our signing instructions are super simple to follow, and we'll show you how to easily file your case with your county clerk by mail or in-person. Done!

• Express Turnaround Time

Choose from multiple delivey options to get your case prepared and emailed at a timeline that works best for you. Download, print and sign.

• 100% ezDivorce Guarantee

Our ezDivorce guarantee ensures your case will be prepared and delivered along with clear and simple directions and our friendly team will be here to take you to the finish line!

Popular Divorce Questions

I've seen cheaper services, why should I choose ezDivorce?


We've also seen others offer divorces at hard-to-believe prices. How do they do that?


What they're not telling you, is that while they may offer "instant paperwork" at cheap prices, the documents delivered are either filled in by computer or arrive incomplete - leaving you without any guidance or customer support. Poorly-prepared documents might not reflect the specifics of your case or even worse - possibly get rejected by the court.


We've also seen others claim "no hidden fees," yet conveniently leave out the required court fee for filing a divorce in New York.

At ezDivorce, our mission will always remain simple: to provide professional and affordable divorce services while remaining honest and transparent with our valued customers. 


Our documents are prepared by experienced matrimonial specialists who diligently draft and deliver court-ready divorce paperwork. We never offer "instant paperwork" because our experts spend time drafting custom documents specific to your case. We do, however, provide options for quick turnarounds so you can be assured to receive your documents when you need them.

Let us do the heavy-lifting - you print, sign, and file! Our friendly staff will also be here throughout the process to assist and help get you to the finish line.

What is the total cost for my divorce?

Our standard ezDivorce service is $499, which includes all documentation necessary to obtain a no-fault, uncontested New York divorce with cooperating spouses.


You'll also pay the standard New York court filing fee estimated at $335 (which is paid directly to the clerk by following our simple instructions). Easy and affordable!

I have children and property, can I use your services?

Absolutely. Our team will incorporate your terms into a Property Settlement Agreement that becomes part of your divorce.

Can I get a New York divorce if I was married elsewhere?

As long as you satisfy the New York residency requirements, you do not need to have been married in the state of New York in order to file for a New York divorce.


We will quickly determine your eligibility to get a New York divorce based upon your responses to a few questions once you click the Start My Divorce button located on our website.

Does my spouse need to sign the paperwork?

Your spouse is not legally required to sign the divorce documents. However, in order to use our standard service to obtain a divorce, both you and your spouse will need to sign the documents by following our easy signing instructions.

In select case, we may be able to prepare a divorce on your behalf without your spouse's signature. If your spouse is unwilling to cooperate with the divorce, please be sure to speak with us. Our ezDivorce team is here for you.  

Will I need to meet with your team in-person?

Not at all. Our ezDivorce team will reach out by phone, and your documents will be delivered by email, allowing you to view and print your documents in the comfort of your home or office (we also offer a print & mail option if needed).  

How is ezDivorce so affordable?

Our specialists have drafted thousands of divorces over the years for attorneys, mediators, and ezDivorce customers just like you. As ezDivorce is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice, we can keep our service affordable by preparing documents, providing simple filing instructions, and saving you thousands in legal fees. We look forward to working with you!

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Our Customers Love ezDivorce

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Experience Makes All The Difference.

Our specialists have an extensive matrimonial background and have completed thousands of divorces for law firms, attorneys, and everyday people. With ezDivorce, you're in well-trained hands.

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Getting started is absolutely free.

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